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Housewarming Party for New Test Laboratory:
“Advanced Technology Centre for Environmental Testing”

Uenohara – On Nov. 19, IMV CORPORATION hosted a housewarming party unveiling its new test laboratory in Uenohara city, Yamanashi pref. Japan.

“Advanced Technology Centre for Environmental Testing” have widely received attentions, because our challenge which in addition to traditional vibration/shock testing, newly responds to testing service for Lithium-ion battery which demand have been increased in the market. Many visitors enjoyed seeing real operation with new test equipments and truly understood our efforts into new testing fields.

IMV CORPORATION is a global top brand for electrodynamic vibration test systems and also in testing service business, we have been offering technical consulting services as a testing outsourcing company. Since Japan’s first establishment of vibration/Shock test laboratory in Kanagawa in 1998, we have been developing test laboratory businesses as Osaka test lab. in 2005, Nagoya test lab. in 2007 and Thailand in 2012 corresponding to expansion of requests for testing service, electronics, automotive, railways, industrial equipment and aerospace.

“Advanced Technology Centre” is located from 45 min. from Center of Tokyo in Chuo Expressway, so, we can respond to requests from broad area not only from Kanto-area. Furthermore, it is 15 min. from current Tokyo test laboratory by car, so we strengthen our response capability with both laboratories.

Inside of the centre is divided into two zones: “Vibration Testing Zone” and “Battery Testing Zone”.

1) Battery Testing Zone responds to vibration, shock, temperature, drop and impact testing for Lithium-ion battery following ECE-R100, UN standard. In addition, there is large sized vibration test system which allows maximum load 2 ton. The zone B is fully considered to ensure safety. It is equipped with variety of fire prevention, explosion proof functions, such as carbon monoxide concentration meter, thermometer, relief damper, antiphlogistic vent, fire proof door with thickness of 150mm, 300mm, exhaust gas treatment scrubber, monitoring camera and monitor screen.

2) Vibration Testing Zone owns large sized test system which can respond to upsizing, long specimen up to 150kN, using push-pull method. To respond to user’s various needs, also owns a horizontal vertical vibration test system (30-65kN) combined with a climatic chamber and a 3 axial earthquake resistance test system which can reproduce a real earthquake waveform.

3) Systematic management to protect customer’s confidential information.

Detail about “Advanced Technical Centre for Environmental Testing” (Japanese)