Vibration Controller

K2 Sprint

K2 Sprint
Common hardware supports all types of vibration test.
While inheriting all of the performance and features of K2, K2 Sprint offers improved cost-effectiveness with 2-channel hardware.
K2 Sprint is best-suited to single monitor-channel operation.
[Differences from K2]
●Input 2 channels (No expansion)
●Output 2 channels (No expansion)



■User-friendly interface

Instinctive Operation

[Intuitive operation]

Easily-recognised icons are used for file management.

Simplified definition

[Short-cut operations]

The key operations are initiated using a simplified set of commands.



Each stage of operation is supported by detailed help pages.

■Easy-to-use functions

Web monitor

[Web monitor]

A user can monitor a vibration test remotely by connecting over the internet.

Report generator

[Report generator]

Results can be exported to Microsoft Word in a range of customised formats.



Define the test schedule and execute it in order.

■Precision control capabilities
K2 employs high-resolution 24-bit A/D and D/A converters to achieve high-precision, repeatable control.
■Safety interlock function
A hardware mute function operating independently of software provides complete protection for the vibration system and payload.
■E-mail notification
Remote sites can be notified by email of any abnormality during testing or termination of a test.
■Data saving
Test definitions and results are output from the K2 in CSV format.



Common optional software Outline
Analogue waveform
signal data program

Provides analogue waveform signal capture, saved data can then be used as the reference of
SHOCK, BMAC waveform controls or Random vibration PSD control.

• Sampling Frequency 51.2kHz maximum
• Data Length Maximum 5000k points
• Input Channel Maximum 64
• Waveform edit/analysis function Filtering, Frequency transfer processing, PSD transfer,
Transmissibility ratio between channels
SCHEDULER:Test scheduler Pre-defined tests can be executed in sequence.
Integrated Control System Signals are available from K2 to control a climatic chamber, synchronising thermal and vibration tests.
TCP Communication Server TCP communication server software that allows external applications to operate K2 applications and acquire vibration data and operating status by sending and receiving commands via TCP / IP.