Insulation degradation tester

MIG-87B- Small / light type-

Space saving achieved by small size ・light weight
The performance of the MIG-8600B is the same and fixed at 16ch, so it is compact and can be installed anywhere. It is possible to apply up to 250V though it is small.
It can be used by placing on a chamber
Reliability Evaluation Systems (MIG-87B)



■ The performance of the MIG-8600B is the same but smaller
■ It is small・lightweight and does not choose setting・place
■ Easy to introduce price range


Item MIG-87B
Applied voltage +1.0V to +250V(per 0.1 V)
Number of channels
(per board)
Maximum expansion channel 16ch
Insulation resistance measurement range 105Ω to 1014Ω(When 100 V voltage is applied)
Measurement current measurement range 0.1pA to 500uA(5 range)
* Fixed range / Auto range selectable
(0.1pA to 5nA / 10pA to 500nA / 100pA to 5µA / 10nA to 50µA / 100nA to 500µA)
Measurement range
When 100V is applied
Current measurement accuracy
5nA range : ±(5%fs +100pA)
500nA range : ±(2%fs +5nA)
5µA range : ±(1%fs +10nA)
50µA range : ±(0.5%fs +0.1µA)
500µA range : ±(0.5%fs +1µA)
Bias voltage supply method Channel-independent bias method (one power source → one channel)
Bias applied voltage setting +1.0V to +250V (per 0.1 V)
Bias voltage supply amplifier Operational amplifier type
Output noise: max. ±5 mV
Adopting series type high voltage stabilized power supply as high voltage amplifier stabilized power supply High-speed response on the order of 100 μsec with high-voltage operational amplifier
Bias applied voltage accuracy ±(0.3%+0.5V)full scale
Bias voltage measurement accuracy ±(0.3%+0.5V)full scale
Maximum testable time 9,999 time
Measurement circuit Insulation resistance method:Low side / high side current measurement
Current measurement cable Dual structure active guard cable
Cable open detection function Alarm warning・measurement stop by detecting connector cable disconnection
Content of collected data Recording time, elapsed time, resistance value, applied voltage, measured current,
temperature / humidity (Chamber communication option required)
Applicable OS Windows 10 compatible
Migration measurement mode End mode: End at the migration occurrence point
Trigger mode: Start at migration threshold, end at threshold
Time mode: Migration occurrence threshold, termination threshold occurrence account (quantity specification 50 times)
Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz Approx. 60VA
Storage unit dimensions W385 × D432 × H227mm(Except for projections)
weight Approx. 14kg