Vibration measuring systems

CardVibro Air2 Series (VM-2012/VM-2012C)

The first portable vibrometer communicating by WiFi
Precise measurements are now possible even in environments that gave difficulty on vibration measurements, by high speed communication powerful data processing.
The application (Air2 Light) demanded much has been released making it easier to use.

CardVibro Air2 (VM-2012)

* IMV does not supply the Android device.

  • (2020/06/18)
    On Android 9.0 or later devices with Snapdragon 8XX installed, Air2 application 2.6.12 and Air2Light application 1.0.7 may not work properly. Please see the recommended device list below for compatible devices.
  • (2020/06/18)
    Updated the Card Vibro Air2 application to the latest version (2.6.12).
    CardVibro Air2 Light application has been updated to the latest version (1.0.7).


■ Operation with Android Tablet PC

Measureable in Android OS

  • Main menu screen

  • OA value measurement screen

  • Measuring point setting screen

  • Main menu screen

  • OA value measurement screen

  • Measuring point setting screen

■ Reliable wireless data collection (WiFi)

High speed signal communication with WiFi

■ Compact and lightweight

Compact design and fits easily into a breast pocket

■ Low power consumption

Continuous 6 hour operation with 2 AAA batteries

  • Only rechargeable battry

  • Rechargeable with USB connection

Application examples

  • For machinery inspection and maintenance

  • For vibration condition check

  • For measurement of small displacement
    Check the movie on You Tube

  • For violently vibrating place

  • For high place

  • For narrow place

  • For partitioned area


  • ■ Simultaneous measurement 


    Air2 Light

    There are many functions to express characteristics of vibration in general, so conventional vibrometers usually needed to switch the mode every time to measure by each factor. However, on pressing a button, you can measure acceleration, velocity and displacement simultaneously when you use CardVibro Air2 function for simultaneous measurement. It can save operating time and prevent miss-measurements.

  • ■ Evaluation function 


    Air2 Light

    CardVibro Air2 can quickly evaluate the condition of the rotational machinery such as blowers or motors at the site with its customized standard. CardVibro Air2 enables everybody to make same judgements on same machinery conditions, having the judgement functions regarding standard as the Vibration Severity ISO-10816 (JIS-B-0906) and original bearing evaluation means.

  • ■ USB cable connection 


    Air2 Light

    Even if wireless connection is not available, measurements by USB cable connection to tablet PC are available.

  • ■ FFT analysis 


    When the measured vibration level is too large, FFT analysis is available to investigate. CardVibro Air2 has a high resolution analysis function of 12800 lines. Comparison of bearing vibration is possible on frequency components.

  • ■ Data saving 


    All acquired data can be saved. Using the data management software*, highly efficient management is possible on the transferred data from PC.(*option)

  • ■ Waveform observation 


    Beat phenomena or scrathes on bearings give some features on the vibration waveforms. It allows easy recognition of faults by waveform or graph observation. Maximum 30 minute* waveform can be recorded.
    *Depends on a condition

  • ■ Continuous monitoring function 


    Waveforms or FFT results are monitored almost in real time.

  • ■ Route setting function 


    If the measurement point and order are specified in advance, the data will be displayed in the order. Data management is possible by machine name, measurement point, or registration number.
    * Data management software (option) is needed.

  • ■ Trend graph function 


    The trend graph which needed conventionally data management software now can be displayed solely by Air2 Light without using such software. Furthermore, such data can be saved by CSV to be attached to e-mail.

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Instruction Manual Download
VM-2012 / VM-2012C
Instruction Manual Download
Item Specification
Interface Wireless LAN: IEEE802.11b, Compliant to WiFi,
128bit WEP, WPA/WPA2
Wireless communication mode Infrastructure mode
Built-in memory capacity 4Mbit x 16bank
Power supply 2 pcs. of AAA battery
Current requirement During measurement (at the time of WiFi use) : approx. 150 mA
Operational temperature range +5 ゚C to 50 ゚C (Guaranteed by attached battery only)
Operational humidity range 30 to 90 % (Non-condensing)
Sampling frequency Maximum 76.8 kHz
AD resolution 16 bit
Tablet OS Android 4.1 or later
*Only approved by IMV
*Refer to IMV website for the latest recommended tablet information.

CardVibro Air 2

Standard Type (Pickup is bult-in)


CardVibro Air 2 Standard Type VM-2012

Item Specification
Mass Approx.145 g
Size 40.5 mm (W) × 41.5 mm (D) × 88.6 mm (H)
Sensor Piezoelectric accelerometer
Acceleration frequency range 10 to 10000 Hz
Velocity frequency range 10 to 1000 Hz
Displacement frequency range 10 to 150 Hz
Maximum measurement acceleration 500 m/s²

VM-2012 Product composition

Air 2 sensor unit:VM-2012
USB AC adapter:HK-AC001UW
micro USB cable:USB-M201/BK
AAA NiMH battery:GP100AAAHCJU2
Probe for pickup:VB-2001
Option Data management software:DB-2012
Equipment diagnosis software:DS-2013Tr
Carrying case:B-2012
Strong magnet:MH-202R
Strong magnet (for spherical surface) :
Long probe:PI-2001
USB plug bracket:PB-2012

CardVibro Air 2

Connector Type (Pickup is external attachment)


CardVibro Air 2 Connector Type VM-2012C

*Connector type needs to connect
with an optional pickup.

Item Specification
Mass Approx.130 g (excluding a sensor)
Size 40.5 mm (W) × 41.5 mm (D) × 88 mm (H)
Connecting sensor Voltage output sensor, ICP sensor
Voltage output port -5 V, +5 V
ICP port + 24 V (2 mA)
Voltage input port ± 2.5 V
Sensor input IF HR10 A (round type pin 6)

VM-2012C Product composition

Air 2 sensor unit:VM-2012C
USB AC adapter:HK-AC001UW
micro USB cable:USB-M201/BK
AAA NiMH battery:GP100AAAHCJU2
Option Data management software:DB-2012
Equipment diagnosis software:DS-2013Tr
Carrying case:B-2012
Long cable 3 m:CE-2012-3m
Long cable 10 m:CE-2012-10m
Piezoelectric acceleration pickup:VP-2012A
Low frequency vibration measurement pickup :
Charge amplifier:CA-2012
Sensor input cable:CC-2012I
Sensor input cable:CC-2012V
USB plug bracket:PB-2012

*Please contact us if you like to use your own optional product.

Recommended tablet PCs for Air2 App

  • SONY Xperia Z3 Tablet SGP611JP/W
  • Google Nexus 7(2013) ME571-16G(K00B)
  • Google Nexus 7(2012) ME370T
  • ELECOM ZEROSHOCK TABLET LT-MS08/BCC2(P01MA) (limited function) *1
  • NEC LAVIE Tab E PC-TE708KAS (limited function) *1
  • NEC LAVIE Tab E PC-TAB08F01 (limited function) *1
  • ASUS ZenPad 8.0 Z380KNL(P024) (limited function) *1
  • NEC LAVIE Tab E PC-TE507JAW (limited function) *1,*2
  • NEC LAVIE Tab E PC-TE508HAW (limited function) *1
  • NEC LAVIE Tab S PC-TS508FAM (limited function) *1
  • NEC LAVIE Tab PC-TS508T1W (limited function) *1
  • ASUS Fonepad 7 ME372CL(K00Y) (limited function) *1
  • ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 Z580CA(P01MA) (limited function) *1
  • Google Nexus 9 OP82100 (limited function) *1

*1 Recorder mode : up to 5 minutes

*2 Some screens require scroll operation

Recommended smartphones for Air2 Light App

  • Google Nexus5X LG-H791
  • ASUS Zenfone3 ZE552KL(Z012DA)
  • Kyocera TORQUE G01 KYY24
  • Google Nexus5 LG-D821

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