Vibration measuring systems

Simple charge amplifier EzC (CA-3021)

Low-cost 1ch charge amplifier
Connect output of charge piezoelectric accelerometer to the logger or oscilloscope.
Simple charge amplifier EzC (CA-3021)


■ Stable charge conversion characteristics
■ Power supply with microUSB
■ Ultra-smaii in size and light weight
■ Simple design without setting

System Composition

■ AC OUTPUT (±5 V at full scale) Waveform output to logger, oscilloscope and measurement device etc.

system composition


Item Specification
Channel 1 Ch
Sensitivity 1 mV/pC
Sensitivity error ±3 % (160 Hz standard)
Frequency range 5 Hz to 10,000 Hz ± 0.5 dB
Maximum output voltage - 4.8 V to + 4.8 V
Power supply + 5 VDC
Operational temperature range 0 ゚C to 60 ゚C (non-condensing)
Size 63.5 (W)x24.5 (H)x35.5 (D) mm (excluding connectors etc.)
Mass Approx.100 g

Standard composition

Item Quantity Notes
Simple charge amplifier 1
USB output AC adopter 1 Power supply for simple charge amplifier
Micro USB cable 1 Power supply for simple charge amplifier
Dedicated case 1 Storage for simple charge amplifier

Outward dimensions

Outward dimensions