SD Logger4

Low cost small and light serial
(RS-232C) data logger
Direct recording of serial data to SD card without the need for a PC.
Efficient data organization instead of PC, printer, etc.

SD Logger4

SD Logger4 Manual / Document / Software Download
SD Logger 4
Manual / Document
SD Logger Instruction Manual
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Script Version Language Tutorial
Log Start / Stop Function Script
Setting Change Software (ESDHost)
Program Set (zip)
Instruction Manual (pdf)
Date / Time Setting Software
Program Set (zip)
Instruction Manual (pdf)


■ Save data to SD card without PC
Save data to SD card without PC

Temperature sensor graphing example
(spreadsheet software screen)

It is possible to save data directly to the SD card in places where you cannot bring your PC or leave it alone. The saved data can be used with commercially available software.
* Available software depends on the data format of the device.

■ Lightweight and compact
Lightweight and compact

The size and weight that you can hold with one hand allows you to bring it with you anywhere.

■ Abundant rear switch combinations

Abundant rear switch combinations

The combination of switches on the back (dip switches) can match the RS-232 specifications (communication speed, data bits, parity) of the connected device.
* Some settings are made from the PC.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our distributors.

■ Up to 32GB can be stored
Up to 32GB can be stored

Compatible with SDHC cards and SD cards up to 32GB.

■ Date / Time function
Date / Time function

Electronic balance date / time function example
(spreadsheet software screen)

Date and time can be added simultaneously with data acquisition.
(Date and time function)

■ Convenient script function
Convenient script function

This script sends a print command to the electronic
balance manufactured by Company A every second.

By writing simple instructions (scripts) to the SD card, It is possible to set the data acquisition timing, etc. to the connected device.
* We support script creation. Please feel free to contact our distributors.

■ Error confirmation function
Error confirmation function

The error can be confirmed by the flashing red LED and the built-in buzzer sound.

■ Data protection function

Even if the power is suddenly cut off, the possibility that the acquired data disappears is extremely low.

Use case

■ Electronic balance
Electronic balance

Save measured values to a file instead of a printer. Also used for recording history.

Main customers

  • Food / beverage
  • Chemicals / Chemistry
  • Electric machine
  • Government offices, universities, etc.
■ Portable measuring equipment
Portable measuring equipment

Easily record data, such as gas analyzers, air leak testers, Refractometer, PH meters, etc. without using a PC for measurements while moving inside or outside the company.

Main customers

  • Food / beverage
  • Chemicals / Chemistry
  • Automobile
  • Electric machine
  • Government offices, universities
  • material
  • Environmental measurement company, etc.
■ Transportation, construction machinery
Transportation, construction machinery

Records vibration measurements and brake tests of trains, GPS of ships, fishing boat detectors, and construction equipment operations.

Main customers

  • Railways / ships
  • Construction equipment, etc.
■ Environmental testing machine, oven, incubator, material testing machine, etc.
Environmental testing machine, oven, incubator, material testing machine, etc.

Paperless recording of data such as temperature, humidity,wind power, water quality, and dust amount from the controller.

Main customers

  • Customers using various testing machines such as private companies, government offices, universities, etc.
■ Weather observation equipment
Weather observation equipment

Observation records of various weather data such as wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, and temperature.

Main customers

  • Government offices / laboratory / universities / ships, etc.


Item Detail
Product name SD logger 4 / case type SD logger 4 / PCB board type
Model name ESD-CS4A (script version) ESD-BS4A (script version)
ESD-CC4A (command version) ESD-BC4A (command version)
Configurable data bits 7 bits / 8 bits (command version is only 8 bits) * 7-bit setting requires connection to PC
Settable communication speed 300/1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/57600/115200 bps
* Connection to PC is required for 300 / 1200 bps setting
Configurable parity None / Odd / Even
File system FAT16/FAT32
Built-in clock Battery:CR2032 / Battery life:about 7 years (new battery)
* Battery at the time of shipment is for monitor
Supported SD card SD / SDHC up to 32GB
Connection connector RS-232C D-SUB 9-pin male connector
Operating environment conditions 0 to 60 °C 10 to 90 % No condensation
Power supply 8 to 12 VDC, 100 mA Compatible connector 2.1 mm DC jack (center plus)
External dimensions / Mass W119.5xD100xH35 mm 163 g W95xD85 mm 64 g
Accessories Power Supply :AC adaptor (AC100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz ) Output 9 V 1.3 A


Product name Specification
RS-232C straight cable D-SUB 9 pin, female-male connector, 1.8m, commercial product
RS-232C cross cable D-SUB 9 pin, female-female connector, 1.8m, commercial product
RS-232C-USB cable
(Date and time settings are required when connecting to a PC)
D-SUB 9 pin, male-USB TypeA male 0.5m commercial product
(1 m cross cable for RS-232C is included. Handshake is not allowed.)

* Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

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  • RS-232C power distribution adapter(special order product)

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